An Endless Supply

An Endless Supply, Arts in Society, 1970

Source material for Redmond Entwistle, Walk-Through, poster for International Project Space.

An Endless Supply, Unicorn after Eric Gill's mark for Curwen Press, 1924

Amended version of Curwen Press printer’s sign, after Eric Gill (1926).

An Endless Supply, The Clifford Chadwick Clifford Collection, 2011

Gig poster (detail) for The Grubby Mitts. In-progress typeface by Peter Nencini.

An Endless Supply, Fingermajig from Design for the Real World, 2012

FROM: Victor Papanek, Design for the real world (Paladin, 1972 edition), pp. 107–108: “‘Fingermajig’ toys designed by Jorma Vennola (Finland).”

An Endless Supply, Patrick Coyle, Pear, 2013

The moment in /pe(ə)r/ by Patrick Coyle, where the font shifts from Georgia to Plantin (page 40, line seven).

An Endless Supply, MAL elephant, 2011

Seal for Making a Living (MAL), 2012 (unused).